Thursday, March 3, 2011


Since the boys spend their days with me while Augie Dawgs works I have a ton of toys for them here on The Avenue.  As you can see we have a play kitchen, car ramps, Little People, instruments, construction toys.  I'm a sucker for a good garage sale.  Yet it seems that TOF and TC don't always play with the toys as was intended.  Take a look for yourself.

That laundry hamper is typically used to store the musical instruments, but today it's inverted and placed on top of four Elmo (Bozo) buckets and it becomes a ramp for launching a dump truck (the blurry yellow figure above the construction helmet.)  TOF was aiming for the folded play city rug on the center shelf.  There's a science lesson here I'm sure, something to do with inertia, momentum, acceleration and probably velocity too.

Exhibit two finds the basket still inverted but now TOF is an auto mechanic repairing something under his car.

Oh look, now it's a table saw!

And finally a desk where TOF and TC are obviously working diligently to develop the next Google or Facebook.

How about your kids?  Do they use their imagination to make extraordinary things out of the ordinary?

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Unknown said...

lol Did you know (I'm sure you do, though) that a very vivid imagination is a sign of intelligence?

My older child lays in bed talking to fairies in her room. They both pretend to be ninjas and ballerinas. An empty margarine tub is a hat, a drum, a chair, a... potty, oops!

I could keep going forever... lol

They are too precious!

Cranberry Morning said...

I LOVE seeing kids be creative like that, using their imaginations and improvising. Great pics - smart kids! :-)

Lisa Noel said...

what great shots and love that you blogged about what they are so you'll remember what they were actually doing instead of wondering in 3 years what in the world they were doing UNDER the laundry basket!!!

Liz Mays said...

That's how it works with kids, isn't it? I actually really love that about them!

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