Friday, March 25, 2011

The Month in Review


Where did it go?

Twenty five days gone.

Never to return.

Slacker that I am, has posted only five times in 25 days. That averages out to one post every 5 days, or something like that, don't get technical with me.

I just know you've all missed me tremendously, don't disagree, I hate rejection.

Surely you're all sitting on the edge of your seats, biting your nails in anticipation of hearing what I've been up to.

This is going to be riveting!

Humor me.

Just nod your head.

Alrighty then, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.


Tuesday the 8th - Whynot and I celebrated 22 years as a couple (not our wedding anniversary) by having the 2/$20 buffet at the local casino.  Electrifying.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Saturday the 12th - At ugly o'clock in the morning I dropped Whynot off at the airport and began my 2 weeks as a Spring Break widow.  I drove home and crawled back into bed for a few hours.  At a much more reasonable hour, Augie Dawgs, the boys and I headed out to a disappointing kids' resale, visited the J-town Greenhouse, browsed at a business expo and had lunch at Culver's.

Sunday the 13th -  I gave the dogs a bath.

Wednesday the 16th - Thanks to Sara at Macaroni Kids Augie Dawgs, TOF and I enjoyed a performance of Madagascar Live.  TOF was having a good time until the girl behind him scared him when she rawred really loudly in his face.

Thursday the 17th - I had corned beef at Augie Dawg's house and Durwood made his fabulous pistachio cake.  I'd post the recipe, but he won't even share it with me.  Which is fine, I'd rather just have him make it for me.

Saturday the 19th - Augie Dawgs, TOF and I were invited to a special screening of the movie HOP-coming to theaters on April 1st.  It's a super cute, but not barfy movie about the Easter Bunny.  GO!  SEE!  IT!

Sunday the 20th - My girl finally came back from Vietnam so I was off to the salon for a pedicure and no chip manicure.  She was kind enough to bring me back a little gift, a pretty hand fan.  I made me laugh when I saw that it was Made in China.

Monday the 21st - I had a dentist appointment, where it was revealed that the six cavities they found at my previous visit (and recommended that I get filled) were gone when I mentioned that I no longer have dental insurance.  Imagine that!

Wednesday the 23rd - Had dinner with Glitter Gurl. Nom nom nom, Panera's Steak Balsamico.

Thursday the 24th - Stopped at the book sale at TOF's preschool, where he and his classmates delighted their families by singing songs.

No big plans for the weekend yet.

It truly is the glamorous life here on The Avenue!

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Cranberry Morning said...

I'm sorry your souvenir was made in China. Isn't everything?? LOL That was so funny!

Melisa Wells said...

WOW. Too bad you didn't post about all of this as it was actually happening! hahaha

Anonymous said...

With all that excitement in your life, it's a wonder you've recovered enough to be able to hit the keys on your computer. I salute you!

Lisa Noel said...

sounds like a pretty good month.

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