Saturday, October 30, 2010

Only Me!

So to catch you all up to speed. On October 4th, Whynot brought home a stray puppy. An adorable mini Doxie mix, which after much deliberation, we named Gracy. Being responsible pet owners, we immediately took her to our vet, where she got all the necessary shots and blood work and heart worm meds. The vet determined that she had not been spayed so I contacted Friends of Animals for a low cost spay certificate and scheduled the surgery for this past Tuesday.

Tuesday evening we brought home one very groggy pup a container of pain meds and an instruction sheet stating she would be back to her old self minus one uterus and two ovaries in two days. Two days later we had on our hands one 9 lb whack job pup. She was showing aggression towards our other dog, Bella and to TOF and barking like a crazy banshee at every little noise.

Friday I called the vet, he was busy and then I missed his return call. This morning he calls me back and I explained his behavior to her.

Are you sitting down? The vet says sometimes, depending on where they are at in their cycle, the spaying could release hormones and she may be experiencing a false pregnancy. And then just like a quote from Meet the Parents, he suggested I milk my dog. If there's milk, BINGO, there's the problem and she'll be fine in 2-3 weeks.

So now add milked a dog to my resume.

And say a prayer for my husband, who has the pleasure of living with another crazy, psycho, pms-ing female.

Only here on The Avenue! Only me!
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Anonymous said...

And WAS there milk? ewww?


Cranberry Morning said...

Had to laugh through this one! (sorry.) Our cat had two hysterectomies because the first one didn't 'take' and she ended up in perpetual heat! You milking a dog just evokes the funniest mental image. :-)

Teena in Toronto said...

She's a cutie! I hope she settles down. Your story reminds me of "Meet the Parents" when Ben Stiller is explaining how he milked a cat and that you can milk anything with nipples ... and Robert DeNiro asks if he can be milked. Ha!

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