Friday, October 15, 2010

Mix Pups Party!

We don't have many strictly girlie toys here on The Avenue anymore, so when I was contacted by MomSelect to host a Mix Pups party I knew that TOF's almost 4 year old friend Calla (not her real name) would be thrilled. Little did I know how much TOF would enjoy them too.

I didn't want to hover, I try not be one of those caregivers, so after opening all the packages, I sat back and observed as the kids played.

They were so excited to play with the Mix Pups. I love that they come with so many accessories and are super cute!

Calla told me that they were fun and the one with the purple hair and pony tail is cute. She loves to change their hair and put different head bands on them. TOF thinks they are cool and likes to play with the soccer accessories the most.

They've been playing with them non-stop and the best part, when they are done for the day, all the pieces fit nicely into a small lingerie bag, making it a great take along toy.

The new Mix Pups collection features sixteen individual collector puppies, including Roxy the Chihuahua, Annie the Bulldog, Lucy the Dalmatian, Chloe the White Poodle, Sophie the Silver Yorkie, Maddie the Dachshund, Sandy the Retriever, Amy the Boston Terrier, Molly the Cavalier, Daisy the White Terrier, CoCo the Chocolate Labrador, Shelby the Husky, Bailey the Beagle, Zoey the Pink Poodle, Sallie the Pink Pooch, and Susie the Gold Yorkie.

Mix Pups can be found at Toys R Us and range in price from $5.99 for the single packs, $9.99 for the double packs, $4.99 for the accessories, and $19.99–$24.99 for the playsets.

Disclaimer: I was sent Mix Pups by Jazwares through MomSelect, I was not given any monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.
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Unknown said...

I wish I had my kiddos smaller...younger to enjoy these toy goodies! one day I will have grandkiddos...

Unknown said...

Those are so cute!

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