Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Internet Style

If you spend as much time as I do reading blogs

Nah scratch that, surely NO ONE is as hypnotized by their computer as I am. NO ONE sits down to check a few emails and finds that two hours have passed, nap time is almost over, they have not thawed anything for dinner, mounds of laundry have invaded the couch and the hubby's car is rapidly approaching the driveway. But dammit, I got a high score on Farkle!

Let me try this...

In an effort to make my blogging time more productive and to get my butt off the computer and get outdoors and enjoy the sun and fresh air, I have attempted to do a little low-tech clean up. I've moved a few things around, vacuumed underneath them, dusted, and polished (very little.) Since my blog is a work of progress, I'll do a little bit at a time. The point is to make your internet experience enjoyable and efficient.

Take for example LEAVING COMMENTS, I love comments, I thrive on comments, I even love to leave comments. But not when the blogger has me jumping through hoops to accomplish this. I hate spam as much as the next person. But really? Word verification is the internet equivalent of nails on a chalkboard to me. Add to that comment moderation and sorry to sound like a snob, but if I am in a hurry, I must move on, without leaving a comment. Here on The Avenue, we have neither...on current posts. I've found that spammers like to lurk in my older posts, therefore I have enabled comment moderation on posts that are older than 7 days. If I get spammers, and all their hieroglyphic glory, I like to use that little DELETE key. Just a suggestion. Because surely I am not alone in feeling this way.

My sidebar needs a total makeover. I'm going to think like a minimalist. Less is more. I want my blog to sparkle and shine for visitors. Sure I'll put up your button for a contest, but after a reasonable amount of time has passed your button is coming down. I have one page, and until I can pay for a blog makeover that includes page tabs, I want to keep things tidy. This doesn't mean I won't ever visit you again, that's what I have Google Reader for. I'm thinking of dropping my Blogroll and relying solely on my reader to visit my buds.

Which leads me to my next task...the overflowing Google Reader.

I've tried to organize that beast of a reader. I've added folders for such things as Money Saving Blogs, Chicago-area Moms, Must Read Daily. I've cleared out blogs that I don't read anymore or that don't exist. But when all else fails, I must hit clear all and not feel bad about it.

Have I motivated you to do a little online spring cleaning? Do you have any other useful tips for me?

p.s. No-Reply Blogger is not a real person, be a dear and fix that so I can reply to your comments. Not sure how? Read this.
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BNM said...

Lol I have tried more times than I can count to organize all the blogs I read.. it just doesnt happen... good luck with yous :)

rachel... said...

I think you covered everything! And you know what? I'm going to live dangerously and take off my word verification!

Liz Mays said...

You have to do the mark as read sometimes. It's that or sanity! Blogging is always a work in progress, huh?

Diane J. said...

Oh snap! I'm a word verification nut. I actually like to read some of the words that I get, the last one I got was "manmeat," which is kind of how I felt my husband was going to end up if he kept putting the ONE dish (that I have asked repeatedly to NOT be put in the dishwasher) in the dishwasher. One gal who read a post...er, well a post that had a link to an article about kids got "brats," I love my kids, but some days that seems very fitting, I wonder if word verification peeks inside my house.

Love your spirit and your blog.

Melissa Haak said...

I agree I hate word verification!

I need to spring clean my reader...still working on the blog clean up.

One tip, Blogger has added pages! I have only set up one (About) but you can have up to 9. When you go to edit posts, there is a tab to edit pages and you do it from there.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

i love spring. :)

Dawn said...

I did a tiny bit of clean-up the other day. You gave some good suggestions.

I do with everyone would add their email so I can reply to their comments. It drives me crazy!

PS ~ I'm missing YOUR comments. =) I hope you didn't remove me from your MUST READS!

And, you really need to add the RHOK (Real Housewives of Oklahoma.) Why? Because we're pretty damn funny! Ha! (I know you're not in Oklahoma. It doesn't matter.)

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