Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Overcoming My Disposophobia

Proceed with extreme caution, as this post contains very graphic photos of my kitchen on The Avenue.

I like THINGS!

Lots of THINGS!

But my collection of THINGS is starting to take over valuable living space.

Last week I started to weed out some THINGS in a few kitchen cabinets and part with the stuff that I really have no use for. Let me show you some before and after shots.

Disgusting! That baggie full of bottle caps was for a project in the
back of my head, it's history now.

My Pyrex and miscellaneous
(I half expected to find ElaineA back there somewhere)

Really! What do I need THREE slicers for?
I use a knife.

Much better!

On to the pots and pans. Check out the microwave bacon dish,
I don't make bacon, ever! Ta ta useless item.
There are some extra lids there too.

While I was down there, I slapped down some spare
vinyl tiles leftover from my bathroom. It'll be easier
to wipe down now.

Lids are definitely a storage problem!

I also conquered the small plastic storage container cabinet.
There was a trash bag full of mismatched lids and stained
containers that went directly into the recycling bin.

Next, I'll tackle the junk drawer!

Dont' say I didn't warn you!
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Lola said...

You are very brave! I would never put photos of my kitchen cabinets on my blog. Before or after! And my junk drawer, looks worse than yours, if that's possible.

stacy said...

I think my junk drawer and yoour junk drawer are related. :)

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Oh dear. I have a junk drawer (or 3!) just like that...

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