Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make Room for Bella


It's all you're going to get here today.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been gone, no really gone, not just absent from blogging.

Spring Break.

One week in beautiful sunny, except for one day, Arizona.

With the family.

Well some of them.

More on that later, because it deserves a well written post.

This is not a well written post.

This is f&^k me I have a migraine, the neck roll, heating pad thingy filled with jell popped in the microwave, I didn't notice and it got my neck wet and when I went to touch it and see what the hell that was, I got what could be best described as gellied antifreeze all over my hand while I was on the phone with the union and now I'm going to die because they're denying coverage. f&^k me!

All because my head hurt too much to move stuff around in the linen closet to find the neck roll thingy that's filled with beads or rice or whatever that stuff is. f&^k me!

I had to do that now anyway.

Thank you Sister Mary ClaraCelibate for drilling into my head that haste makes waste.

Ahhh 4th grade at Saint It Was Dirt Cheap to Send Your Kid to Catholic School in the 70's. THAT would be a good post too.....someday.

My. head. hurts. way. too. much. (those of you mumbling imitrex just look up there where I said denying coverage)

So I'll be brief. I've noticed several (like 4 so far, in 2 days) bloggers are mentioning a well known blogger, whose name I will NOT mention here, because, well I'll leave it at just because. But anywho, my pup, Bella, has mentioned to me that this not-mentioned blogger has a dog that prolly makes a 6 figure income by parading around this well known blog and well Bella thinks she's way cuter and smarter than this other dog and deserves her 15 minutes of fame.

She doesn't need 6 figures, but a bag of chow and a bone tossed in this direction would be nice. Ehem, you hear this Iams! It's the Eukanuba for small breeds puppy food. We found that out the hard way, after 4 other brands in as many months. Bella could so be your spokesdog.

Just look at her!
She has a 16 lb bag of dog food on her head.

Take that Chuckles.

Just wondering, if I do mention her, and link back to her, will those links link back to me when people search for her? Cuz I sure the hell don't want to add to her crazy income, but would like a little more exposure for moi.
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Anne said...

She is so cute! We definitely more pictures. Like, hundreds more. Where we can see that sweet little face. :)

Unknown said...

Bella is adorable and growing fast!

Take good care of yourself and hope the migraine disappears!

Michelle said...

Oh sure, go to Arizona when spring has forgotten to visit. *sigh*

Love the picture of her with the bag on her head. so cute!

Kaci said...

LOL! Awesome! Feel better! I hate headaches!

Unknown said...

hey, i was in AZ too.

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