Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Power of Blogging

Telegraph, telephone, tell a blogger.

If you want to get news out fast, blog about it. Very little spreads as quickly as a great deal on a blog post. Like. wild. fire. Especially during the holiday season there are many a good deal to be found on the internet. I rely on my bloggy favs to bring me news of the best sales.

For example, yesterday there was a code available for a free calendar and/or ornament. I was on that offer like flies on like white on rice. But, apparently these codes were part of an offline promotion that was intended only for customers who purchased a Santa photo package at the mall. The mistake had the website crashing for a better part of the day and could have been avoided HAD SOMEONE DONE THEIR JOB!

Example #2 and this had/has my blood boiling! Oh I'm still livid, not so much about not getting the deal, but about the rudeness of a certain ASS Manager. Target price matches this year. Did you know that? Me either until last week. They used to price match, not exactly sure how long ago, but not as long ago as when Augie Dawgs worked there in high school. And they certainly didn't price match LAST Christmas season when I wanted a FLIP camera and had umpteen dollars in Target gift cards. But I digress, now Target price matches. Selectively!

Last Friday and Saturday Toys R Us had a sale on the Leap Frog Alphabet Pal, $10.49. Good price on a $20 something toy. Well Target had a $10 off coupon for the same toy bringing the price down to $0.49 and according to their website as late as 9 pm Friday, they priced matched. With no exclusion for TIMED SALES ie. DOORBUSTERS! And dammit I wish I had printed that policy so I could have it to make my blood boil more!

Glitter Gurl, thinking this would make a fabulous gift for one of her favorite God Sons, marched into Target, ad and coupon in hand and met the wrath of Nathan. Nathan, with no supporting documentation, other than "the word" of his manager Brett, was not going to price match. Glitter Gurl stood firm, explained that the exclusion of doorbusters was NOT on the website, nor on the sign in front of her at the service desk and he wouldn't budge! So smart girl that she is, called me at home, where I read word for word to Nathan the company policy on price matching. Nathan, who refused to give me his name told me he would not be "bullied" into honoring the offer. WTF Nathan, I wasn't bullying you at all! I was calm and stated the facts and you NEVER once said, I'M SORRY MA'AM THERE WAS SOME MISCOMMUNICATION and unfortunately we cannot honor that offer. NEVER ONCE!! PLUS he hung up on me! But I called him right back and that's when I got his name. Nathan who refused to give me his last name because he didn't know me, nor would he give me his manager Brett's last name. And THAT rudeness more than not getting the offer gave me a real bad taste for Target on Brook Forest Avenue.

I really wish companies would learn that if I can find these deals online everyone can! Shouldn't someone in marketing be trolling the internet to advise all the rude Nathans of Target that Megryansmom is out there looking for the great deals!

I'm heading over to Walmart, if I hit it right the weirdlies won't be there and if I can just overlook the dirt and messiness of the store THEY PRICE MATCH without making up the rules as they go!

p.s. The winner of the Spoonfuls of Stories giveaway is #28.

Elizabeth said...

I did a RT of your Tweet about the contest.
November 17, 2009 11:28 AM

Elizabeth, CONGRATS! Email me with your mailing info so I can have MyBlogSpark send your prize.

Thanks to all who played along!

p.p.s. Enter the Progresso soup giveaway here.

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Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I would call their corporate office....that is total BS! I would be so mad too!

Lola said...

I'm with Amy. I would have called Target Corporate. I had to call corporate about a return that the service desk was refusing to accommodate because the tags were removed. There were no tags when I purchased it. It was downright silly. said...

I'd call corporate and they'd be issuing you a major apology AND the guaranteed discount. Some nerve!

Julia said...

So.... you like frugalcouponliving too huh?!!! Yeah, I was a bit pissy about the whole seehere deals. Hot mess is right!!!

Unknown said...

I KNOW 2 people who did this deal in Az. and were not given a hassle.. you were
totally ripped off by target! totally!

Unknown said...

I would call corporate too...i dont shop at target very often for the reasons you stated they make up the rules as they go...with that said i dont shop at walmart that often either LOL hate crowds they make me nervous

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