Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It's almost 10 am and no I have NOT been out shopping for 5 hours. What I should have done was trekked to the gym and worked out for five hours. Maybe that would have put a dent in the calories I consumed yesterday. Instead, I chose to sleep in on my day off. A. DAY. OFF. All to myself. Whynot has to work today, could explain why GM is in so much financial trouble. But eh, chop chop dear, off to work you go. I have my warm fuzzy robe, nice hot coffee and a DVR full of programs to watch. Ugh and the dreaded laundry! So no Black Friday shopping for me.

Besides, I really feel that Christmas has become too commercialized. I'll give all of you a minute now to hit that big red X up top before I go all Ebenezer Scrooge on you. Have a great day, thanks for stopping by. Mwhhha, loveyou.

Anybody left? Because I have a Frugal Surprise for those that stayed behind. Anybody?

This year I am doing Christmas on the cheap, again. I don't have a very large gift list and those that get presents will get a small, inexpensive and yet thoughtful gift from me. Back in June or July I bought several gifts for my little friends on, as well as t-shirts for myself, all for under $100. That takes care of NINE gifts and ME! I frequent garage sales all summer and before you go all ewwwww on me, the stuff I buy is often NWT (new with tags) and ALWAYS in excellent condition. Plus I can always manage to get a few gag gifts at garage sales, something to fit in with an inside joke or two, here on The Avenue. Whynot and I don't exchange extravagant gifts, we don't need anything and when we do, we just go buy it. I'm OK with that. (But honey if you're reading, a little sumtin sumtin sparkly is always appreciated.) So I'm all set with Christmas shopping.

I am always browsing the internet for great deals and today I stumbled upon's Feed It Forward.

Feed It Forward™ provides you the opportunity to help give away up to $30 million in free restaurant gift certificates - over 30 days - and allow you to treat friends, family, and colleagues - anyone deserving - to savings on a great meal out. Best of all, it's FREE to Give and FREE to Receive.

Give a free $10 Gift Certificate to 30 different people, every day until Christmas. Simply choose whom to give to and will take care of the rest.

Since you can't give one to yourself, leave me your email in a comment and I'll hook TEN readers up with a free $10 gift certificate.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was not paid for this post, I didn't even receive a free gift certificate. I did this out of the goodness in my heart, because yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

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Undomesticated said...

Don't feel lonely on the Scrooge thing. Everyone calls me that cause I refuse to take the time to decorate. The kids want a tree they put it up. I am not wasting my lazy time by putting stuff up that is about to come back down!

I also told my son this morning that he isn't getting anything cause I need all my money for my grandson. (I was just joking but he thinks I'm serious!)

Lola said...

I'm usually out there every year, catching the bargains, but not this year. I just don't have a dime to spare and I'm wondering how I'm even going to pull off Christmas for my kids. said...

I'm exactly like you! I don't mind going to garage sales and thrift stores to shop because sometimes, I find exactly what I'm looking for. Today, I found a wonderful vegetarian cookbook for my daughter...1000 recipes and I paid $2.99. She will love it no matter where I bought it from because it's the thought that counts.

Enjoy your solitude and comfy robe and tv programs.

Cynthia said...

I don't do Black Friday. We are in a recession, nothing wrong with being frugal;) I'll take the robe and DVR any day of the week!

Traci said...

Wow, that's awesome. I totally want to participate --

And I am completely with you on the garage sales. Here in Austin, my favorite store is Savers (A charitable resale) and the amazingly beautiful things I found (often NWT) amaze me. I started out just buying for myself, but people kept commenting on the great stuff so I figured if I loved it, they would too.

Thanks for sharing the restaurant link.

Cindy Lou Who said...

I was one of those out shopping - and saw 2 fights and a riot in one store, turned around and went home.

Love the idea of "paying it forward" so to speak. Thanks for doing it -

Michelle said...

I'm with ya Scrooge :) We did Black Friday for a few very select things (and by "we" I mean my husband). But the thing? WAY cool. I think I might have to do that for each of Little Miss's teachers!

Michelle said...

Was I clear in that I'd be totally cool with that GC? I think you've got my email already, right?

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