Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Pancakes

I'm not Betty Crocker, never have been, never will be. Lately a gourmet meal for me consists of popping a Lean Cuisine into the microwave. Breakfast is more often than not, two frozen waffles in the toaster oven and then topped with raspberry preserves.

This morning I was feeling creative like I should really make my husband something a little different for breakfast because, well just because.

With Halloween just around the corner (and I really have to keep reminding myself that because the weather man says it will be 96 again today) I thought I'd give pumpkin pancakes the old college try.

How hard could it be?

I already have an industrial size bag of Krusteaz Pancake Mix, pumpkin pie spice, and a can of pumpkin.

Dump all that in a bowl and mix.


It's kind of doughy.

Add water.

Ok better.

Pour onto hot frying pan, flip and voila.

They were good! Not the best presentation but they were good. In 20 something years my husband has never once complained about any meal I've set in front of him. That right there is GOLD peeps!

For those of you wanting to try this at home I'm sure there are a gajillion recipes you can google, but this is what I used:

2 cups pancake mix (like I said I used Krusteaz because Costco people!)
1/2 a can of pumpkin (15oz can)
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
About a cup of water more or less

With enough butter and syrup anything will taste good ;)

This is what my pumpkin pancakes looked like (HA! in my dreams!) (Picture from internet used without permission)

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Meghan said...

They sound yummy...the kids & I will be over next Sunday for some. Just look for the 6ft tall red head, with the tower over his mom 15 yo & mouthy 8yo!

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