Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Crafting With TOF

Teacher gifts...I was always stumped. Ornaments, mugs, all that stuff that says #1 teacher, just how much of it is really needed and/or wanted by a teacher? But this year, TOF's 1st year of preschool, we are giving fabulously clever and oh so creative and practical teacher gifts! and a bus driver gift and because I'm like that, even a gift for the other Grandma.

These were super easy to make, fairly inexpensive and with a little help from a big person your preschooler can make these and I promise the recipient will ooh and ahh.

You'll need some supplies, so haul your make a quick run to Walmart or Target to pick up some:

and some

and lots of

Here's where the big person's help comes in. Using the Goo Gone, remove labels from the Purell, then rinse and dry the bottles thoroughly. I did this the night before and it took a little time and patience to get all the glue off. You might want to do that also, as we all know how patient children are.

Now you're ready to get creative. I encouraged TOF to use the larger stickers first and apply them towards the center and then fill in with the smaller stickers. I helped with the personalization as he is not a stellar speller as of yet.

The finished projects

There you have it, and in this cold and flu season who can't use a little hand sanitizer. But don't let your creativity stop there, you could just as easily do this with hand soap dispensers, dish washing liquid, lotions, the possibilities are endless.

Have fun, we did!

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Together We Save said...

Wow - these are very cute!! Great idea!!

Jennifer Suarez said...

This is a really great idea. How did you do the personalization? Is it just a sharpie marker?

Meghan said...

So freakin adorable!
You are one creative biatch :>)

Anonymous said...

DUH! I never have great ideas. So glad I know someone who does.

Anonymous said...

SUPER cute!!! LOVE these! =)

Lifeofkaylen said...

What a great idea!!!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Love, LOVE, love it!!

Jessica Samantha said...


Kim Moldofsky said...

Okay, when you said you made your own hand sanitizer with a young child, I was taken aback. (But I clicked, so it worked, right?)
This is really cute and very practical for a classroom.

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