Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolutions for 2012...Blah Blah Blah

Did you know that 44% of Americans make a New Year resolution?

Did you also know that 52% of statistics are completely made up?

I see you scratching your head now wondering.  Doesn't matter, I think I got a D in statistics anyway.

Of all these resolutions the most popular are:
  1. Spend more time with family.
  2. Get fit.
  3. Lose weight.
  4. Quit smoking.
  5. Enjoy life more.
  6. Quit Drinking.
  7. Get out of debt.
  8. Learn something new.
  9. Help others.
  10. Get organized.
When I read those words I hear a voice and it sounds just like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoons.  Blah Blah Blah.  I already spend enough time with my family.  Get fit?  Lose weight?  I'm never gonna weigh 110 pounds again if I live on only water.  Besides I wouldn't be able to enjoy life much without chocolate and pasta.  I don't smoke, and I will not quit drinking.  No way.  Nothing will stand between me and a bottle of wine except maybe the cork screw.  Why get out of debt, what will I have to stress out over?  I already know everything, just ask Whynot.  I'm very eager to help others by sharing my knowledge with them whether they like it or not.  Get organized?  Believe it or not this chaos is organized.  I know where everything is and if I move it, I'll never find it again.

So this year I'm doing things a little differently. 

It's a very big year for me!

I turn nifty fifty!

But I'm OK with it, because 50 is the new 30 and at 30 I weighed about 110 lbs, so it's all good.

I'm ditching the resolutions.

I'm going to treat 2012 as a new chapter.

I'm going to make more time for myself.  Do things I want to do, when I want to do them.  Like maybe regular monthly manicures and pedicures.  Perhaps a massage thrown in here and there.  I want to sew and craft more.  I'm going to stop buying my underwear in bonus packages and start wearing my Vickie's Secret panties everyday and not just on weekends. I'm going to buy new jeans in my size and not wait until I'm down to a smaller size.  Of course I'd love to lose 80 lbs, but if it doesn't happen...well it's not OK, but I want to learn to love myself the way I am.

Did you make any resolutions?

The people behind Trop50 True Resolutions want you to share your resolutions and you’ll earn a coupon for $1 off Trop50.  Whether you submit a resolution or not, while you're there, you can still enter the sweepstakes to win a $1000 gift card.

In addition, one lucky person will receive a $25 Visa gift card! (edited at 11:53am 1-6-12, the giveaway is for is for one $25 Visa Gift Card without the Trop50 coupons. So sorry for the confusion)

Leave me a comment telling me what you'd do with a $25 gift card and some time to yourself.

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Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by #Trop50 but all opinions are my own.
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jadavis said...

I would use it to buy a few work shirts since i'm about to start student teaching!

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Wendy Rozema said...

I would love to get my nails or hair done! :)

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